Background to Kenya Bulls

Background to Bulls used in Kenya Embryo Flushing Programmes 

Ol Pejeta Bulls

  • KPO 1719 (Charlie)

In 1982 Ol Pejeta purchased Gianni 1881 from Gianni Ltd. (one of the founding Boran Stud herds) to use on their newly formed registered Boran herd. Gianni 1881 sired K525 who in turn sired 1719 (Charlie). A very prolific bull on the Ol Pejeta herd producing many replacement bulls and females. He was a grey, medium to large frame bull, with a very masculine head and neck.

  • KPO 1279

In 1986 Ol Pejeta purchased Gianni 2247. Gianni 2247 sired KPO 1279 who was born in 1987. A large framed, well fleshed bull, red in colour and extremely prolific, producing both top bulls and top females. His sons and daughters won the progeny classes and several championships at the shows. 1279 has had more impact on the Ol Pejeta herd than any other bull. His sons include 805, 786, 714, 794, 792, 779, 734, 725,718, 695, and 692 – all top sires in their own right.

  • KPO 786

KPO786 (by 1279) was one of Ol Pejeta’s top sires, giving excellent sons and daughters. He is sire of the winning group of heifers at the 2006 Livestock Breeders Show, and his progeny group came second to much competition. He bred extremely wide animals with a lot of growth and at the same time with a very tight underline. At the time he was the bull with the highest progeny retention rate on Ol Pejeta. His mother, KPO21, was one of the best bull dams in the Ol Pejeta stud.

  • KPO 794

Another son of the prolific 1279 line, good size with clean sheath and red in colour. His dam, KPO1600 is by 29, a top Solio line.

  • KPO 493

In 1991 Ol Pejeta purchased 809, a Delamere bred bull by a Gianni sire, 2399. 809 sired KPO493, a large framed mottled bull with a long strong back. He was selected specifically for his length and good sheath which can be seen in his progeny.

  • KPO 1017 and KPO 755

In 1993, Ol Pejeta purchased 652 from Loldaiga Hills, another founding Boran Stud. A shorter hardy type from the hill country 652 crossed extremely well with the 1279 line. 652 produced many top quality sons namely 755,756,763,764,785, 814, 822, 855, 917, 921. 755 in turn sired 1017, out of a top cow #166/907 from a Mutara line. Unluckily KPO755 was eaten by a lion and as a result, available progeny is scarce. KPO1017 has been used in the Ol Pejeta and Ndakaini herds with marvellous results.

  • Solio 359/G

In 2002 Ol Pejeta purchased 359/G from Solio Ranch. The well muscled 359 was by Gianni 2646 out of 444/K, a cow with a mixture of an old Solio and Mogwooni lines. This bull illustrated his adaptability during the 2002 drought. 359/G has left Ol Pejeta leaving some exciting young bulls with excellent muscling. At the age of 12 years he was given 65 cows in a 90 day breeding season and managed to get 63 pregnant. The fertility of this bull was proven when tested during the embryo projects in Kenya.

  • K6K 2670

In 2002 Ol Pejeta purchased 2670 from Mogwooni. By 1327 (18), from the Peckover line, is a well known line from the tough, dry country towards the coast. 2670 produced well in both the Mogwooni and Ol Pejeta herds. He breeds early maturing animals and of all the bulls used in the embryo projects in Kenya he had the highest fertilisation rate.

  • Solio 460/T

460T was bought from Solio for use in the Ol Pejeta herd. He is a larger framed, well muscled, grey bull and breeds long animals with strong, wide backs and tight underlines.

  • KPO 622

An extremely thick beefy bull by 1607, a pure Ol Pejeta line.

  • NDA 9

A larger framed bull purchased from Mogwooni by K6K2466, with a unique mottled colour.

Mogwooni Bulls

  • ZF 494 (17)

A bull purchased from Segera, out of 1379 from Mutara. He was a short, well muscled bull and produced excellent heifers with great milk and good bulls. A large number of his daughters were used in subsequent embryo flushing programmes.

  • K6K 1711 (37)

An excellent bull out of the bull 1333 (ex Segera and Mutara). This bull produced some outstanding bulls and heifers which Moqwooni are using in their stud at present.

  • K6K 2670 (18)

Purchased by Ol Pejeta x (1327). 18 was out of a bull from the old Peckover line, which produced some wonderful stock on Mogwooni, and became one of their top stud sires.

  • K6K 2823 (69) x 1711 (37)

For many years this mottled red bull was Jackie Kenyan’s foremost stud bull, was used on the front page of the KBCBS catalogue, and is an example of the ideal Boran bull. An outstanding well muscled bull, who was very hardy and drought resistant. He produced excellent steers and heifers. Unfortunately eaten by lion in January 2008.

  • K6K 2947 (126) X 2210 (69)

A mottled bull whose great grand sire originated from Solio. This bull consistently produced the best weight for age figures for steers sold off grass. A well muscled bull with a placid temperament.

  • K6K 2997 (154) x 636 ex Ol Pej (87).

By bull 636 x 652 (Ol Pejeta), has produced some good well muscled offspring at Mogwooni. He breeds good pigment in his offspring, a tight underline and good length. He is a breeder of very good female stock.

  • K6K 3094 (137) x 414 (62)

By 414, a smaller type of bull with perfect conformation. K6K414 was used extensively in the Forrester, Zimbabwe embryo flushing program. From a very good line which originated from Mutara.

  • K6K 3192 (162) X 2390 (81)

A very well muscled bull who tended to be short and deep and very hardy. From the old Peckover line which has done so well.

Woragus Boran Stud

  • Gianni 2812

The Woragus stud was modelled around their stud bull, Gianni 2812, which came from the famous Suguroi Boran Stud. Suguroi, which was sold in 1994, is located on the harsh, cold, windy plains below the Aberdare Mountains and their stock is renowned for their length and durability. Gianni 2812 is a very consistent bull, transmitting his length (with a strong wide back), feet and legs to his progeny. He is the only bull used in the embryo projects that has a direct line back to the Gianni Ltd / Suguroi studs.

Suyian Ranch – formerly known as Pinguone (Kisima)

  • Solio 2399

He was acquired by Gilfrid Powys from the Solio Ranch, for his hard muscling and dark pigment. He has proven to be a very tough bull on the very extensive and harsh conditions at Suyian Ranch. His off-spring show good growth under extensive conditions.

Solio Ranch

  • Solio 548

Medium to large frame bull was acquired by Giles Prettejohn from Solio ranch for beef production on Ol Pejeta. He has proven himself as a highly fertile bull with exceptional off-spring!

Marule Estate Ltd

  • Marula 25

Over the years Marula have acquired bulls for their larger frame relevant to their veld type. as they have a bit more grass than the Laikipia ranches. He is a a medium to large frame bull and breeds strong backs in his off-spring.